NEBULA Poissons Screen

Lead time: 20-22 weeks

 The screen is one of the more intriguing themes in the design world: with its two-dimensional form, it can give shape to a three-dimensional space. What’s more, it is something of an oxymoron in its function and aesthetics: it is on display, but in order to hide something.

Nebula is a design by Pearson Lloyd, interpreted by Tacchini in two different artistic versions: the Oriental poissons by artist Jean Dunand, and the spatial drawings from the series Inventario del Novecento con la mano sinistra by Lucia Pescador.

Dimensions: W 48.82” D 1.58” H 48.42” – Base D 17.71”

Available in 3 different sizes.

Materials: made of two MDF panels of 16 mm each one glue together. It’s covered by soft padding. It can be self-standing ( EBEB125T ) or suspended ( ENEB125S ) on the ceiling. Textile by Jean Dunand

Designer: Pearson Lloyd