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New outdoor furniture catalogs from 3 extraordinary European brands

New outdoor furniture catalogs from 3 extraordinary European brands

With the new year in full swing, it’s the perfect time for designers to start planning for their 2024 outdoor projects. Bring creativity, comfort, and sophistication to outdoor living with the newest releases from classic brands like POINT, Gervasoni 1882, and Varaschin. 

POINT - Outdoor Living 2024 & 2025

Point outdoor furniture

Designed by Ibán Ramón in collaboration with acclaimed designers such as Mario Ruiz, Gabriel Teixidó, and Studio Meneghello Paolelli, this lookbook encapsulates the essence of POINT. From sleek, avant-garde designs to timeless pieces, each collection is a true reflection of POINT's unwavering commitment to creating outdoor furniture that not only enhances the aesthetics of any space but also provides unparalleled comfort and functionality.


Gervasoni - Outdoor 1882

Gervasoni outdoor furniture

Crafted with a careful selection of natural and technical materials, the new Gervasoni Outdoor collection blends expert craftsmanship with innovative technologies. Adaptable to different styles, from modern and contemporary to sophisticated or natural contexts, Geversoni brings ease and elegance to any outdoor space. 


Varaschin - Outdoor Therapy

Varaschin Outdoor furniture

Created with the goal of harmoniously blending beauty and sustainability, Varaschin’s latest collection inspires comfort, well-being, and conviviality. These timeless outdoor pieces offer a new way of living, where closeness with nature intersects with contemporary refinement. 


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