Saba was established in 1987 in northern Italy near Padua and has, ever since, dedicated its design research to the culture of living. Saba is an all-round feminine brand: from the team spirit that animates it, to the collaborations it selects. It is one of the few companies in the sector to be guided by a woman entrepreneur who, with her overall vision and material aesthetic, has led the company to success by means of a keen creative sensibility and a humanistic approach to business.


Saba is a tale of thirty years of projects, founded on three simple principles: freedom, as a vital value of humankind, that has accompanied us in the search for flexible forms. Poetry, teacher and educator in the harmony of form and the beauty of color; and lastly memory, ethical guide so that a product accompanies us over time, through the search for durable quality materials aimed at perfecting the concept of comfort. “A personal living experience” is not just a simple slogan, but a genuine mood, an approach that has become an entrepreneurial adventure. A limited number of projects whose value, however, has grown over time, strengthening our identity.