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New FLOS Products

New FLOS Products

Iconic lighting for your space.

With their iconic designs, improved technology, and irresistible prices, FLOS definitely provides the best experience in lighting up your next project. The goal of illuminating spaces through unique designs allowed this brand to sculpt light in novel ways through the creativity of its designers.

Check out the newest items in their catalog:

Skynest Suspension

Skynest suspension

The appliance has a built-in balancing system at the top of the dome that helps to alter its balance, rendering it fully stable. The base of the dome is finished with an aluminum ring that secures the dome's entire network structure with a simple snap-fit method. Every single light is powered by special micro-connectors at the top of the dome. Each light is covered by a two-tone mesh, with the side facing the inside of the dome always being white so that the LED module can give off the most light.

  • The dome is made up of both light and dark parts that are set up in a network.
  • The core structures are covered with a thin, colorful tubular mesh made from recycled and recyclable polyester fabric.
  • The product is assembled with absolutely no glue so it can be fully separated to be recycled in the future and in case of any repairs or replacements.
  • Available lamp finishes: Blue Tourmaline, Almond, Anthracite or Brick Red

Bellhop Wall

bellhop wall

Bellhop Wall, designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, is a future-proof light due to the absence of glue in its construction. Therefore, it is possible to separate, replace, and recycle the product separately.

  • Indirect light wall lamp.
  • Body in colored polycarbonate.
  • Diffuser made of semi-transparent injection-molded polycarbonate.
  • High efficiency LED source with a lifetime of more than 50.000 hours



Almendra by Patricia Urquiola is an adaptable, modular lighting system. Ideal for contemporary residential and hospitality settings, this collection features an inspired technology that promotes sustainability and prevents environmental damage.

  • Rated IP20
  • Made for Indoor - Dry Location
  • Each lighting unit contains an integrated Edge Lighting technology and can rotate up to a 60º angle to change the direction of the light emitted.
  • Comes in 6 different colors

Let's light up your space like nobody else with FLOS!

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