SKU: "CUR-FE300"

CURVE Dining Table Faux Elyps

Lead time: 12-16 weeks

Organic lines, that’s what this collection is all about. These lines cause both the tables and the chairs to be a visual delight. The table frame is characterized by a triangular extrusion profile which, in combination with light, leads to an elegant play of shadow lines. The Curve chairs and tables can be put together in such a way that they complement any décor. The chairs are perfect for long days of sitting, because the slight curve and the flexible upper part allow you to sit up straight without looking too stiff.

Dimensions: 118.11" x 43.3" x 29.52"

Available sizes: 118.11" x 43.3", 98.42" x 43.3" , 86.6" x 43.3", 78.74" x 43.3", 70.86" x 43.3"

Materials: lacquered stainless steel tubing with 13 mm Faux Elyps Xeramica Top

Available finishes:

Base: White, Taupe, Anthracite, Brown, Black, Lino

Top: Beton, Travertino, Black Iron, Emperador, Lava Brown, Marble Marone, Caravaggio, Absolut White, Soft Oak, Charisma Grey

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Designer: John Ghekiere