SKU: "Strata 06"

Strata 06 Outdoor Rug

The Strata collection is a tribute to the timeless beauty of our planet. Each piece is a testament to the tapestry of the Earth, a narrative woven through the ages, captured in the colours and textures of the rug pieces. But these rugs represent not only the beauty of the Earth, but also our commitment to its care. Each rug in the “Strata” collection is made from yarn created from post-consumer PET.

This collection is a journey through time, taking us deep into the earth’s crust, through layers of sedimentary rock, through the earth’s history recorded in fossils and minerals. Each carpet is a page from this archive, a memory of the Earth that has been carefully interpreted and translated into colourful patterns.

Under the motto “Archive of Earth Memories”, Strata is an invitation to honour the memories of the Earth that have been engraved in the rock and soil, in the colours and textures of our rugs.

> Standard sizes (WxL) 
- 80cm x 250cm
- 180cm x 240cm
- 200cm x 300cm

> Custom sizes  - Custom sizes available (maximum width 300cm)

Dimensions: Available in different sizes.

Please contact us for pricing.

Materials: Outdoor Recycled PET

Total Thickness: ± 6 mm

Maximum Width Up to 3 meters

Designed by the English studio Wallace#Sewell