Saba Italia
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Vela Sofa 220

Lead time: 12-16 weeks

The sails, fixed to the boat mast, unfold urged by the breeze and then swell majestically, creating sophisticated lines that unravel the murmur of the winds.
Since always, sails have represented a symbol of compromise between man and nature, as the dialogue between these two worlds.

This concept is translated into Vela, Italian for “sail”, a sofa whose silhouette and precious details recall the elegance of this object.
The fabric upholstery subtly alludes to the mainsail and the jib, tracing stylistically defined imaginary trajectories.

The quilting is a strong reference to the unfurled sail and the diagonals that cross it represent its distinctive element.
Exclusively designed fabric collection, fully removable covers.

Dimensions: W: 86.6" D:39.4" H: 29.1"

Materials: In plywood padded with polyurethane foam Feet is 4cm high in black ABS

Designer: Zanellato/Bortotto