The design that makes Ditre Italia’s products stand out from the rest results from a way of looking at things that cuts through the surface to the essence of objects, suggesting new items. We like to think that those who choose Ditre Italia don’t just want an exclusive product but are also looking for a different design concept which - as a result – produces original homes.

Designwear is all this. An elective affinity.

The seductiveness of interior décor in which each piece of furniture communicates with the other is the same expressed by a tailor- made garment: care to detail, balance, elegance, exclusivity. That’s how we create our collections, that’s how we make them: we look beyond passing trends, beyond appearances. Innovation is never blatant: it’s a discreet gift.

The craftsman’s soul within our products is linked to tradition: an attitude we’ve had for more than 40 years in the course of a history made up of manufacturing experience. Nowadays, when a project takes shape, a whole new world emerges consisting of accurate choices, patient processes performed by skilled hands paired with technology that make it possible to mass produce that which used to be handcrafted.

We don’t just specialize in making sofas. First and foremost, our work is focused on transmitting an organic interior decor project, i.e. on creating an exclusive interior world. Not just a combination of objects, no matter how refined, but a harmonious whole that reflects a very personal way of viewing the home in its entirety.