Joli is a Belgian quality brand for customized tables, chairs, accessories, loungers and cabinets. One by one hand made. This also ensures that Joli can offer custom made craftsmanship. With this offer, they occupy a unique position worldwide.


Their products are 100% Belgian in terms of quality and design. They work exclusively with domestic designers and are always looking for improvements to expand their brand. The past 25 years designer and pioneer John Ghekiere has put Joli on the map. With 100% Belgian design, timeless concepts and a refreshing view on furniture. Since its foundation in 1996, quality has been at the core for Joli. This is reflected in the stainless steel and aluminum tables with ceramic tabletops. But also in the other high-quality furniture, such as chairs, loungers, cabinets and, more recently, accessories. Thanks to their durability, the furniture is more than just an object. It becomes the place where you create lifelong memories.