SKU: "ANMD129_I"

Anemos Round Table

Lead time: 12-16 weeks
Anemos is an indoor table characterized by simple and architectural shapes designed to enhance the materiality of concrete, giving it a new expressive style. The distinctive feature of Anemos is the base, composed by two separate concrete shells secured to the top. Like a structural membrane, these elements free themselves from their image of intrinsic weight and, through a double curvature, take on a flexible and sinuous shape. A table that is visually light yet stable and solid due to its significant weight, capable of supporting large round tops

Available in different sizes (129cm,139cm, 149cm,159cm, 220x110, 260x110)



Dimensions: W: 50.8" H: 28.7"

Materials: base is composed by two separate concrete shells

Suitable for indoors only

Frame Finish options: GR2, RO

Designer: pio & tito toso