BRASS Small Suspension Lamp

With a strong decorative impact, the BRASS lamp family exploits the ductility of brass and its ability to embellish interiors with warm and golden light reflections. Suspension lamps have a delicate shape of great visual appeal: a light brass disc with a slight curvature in the smaller version or very accentuated in the larger one that floats in the air reflecting light poetically and suggestively. They can be used individually or combined with each other for an even more suggestive and cinematographic effect.

Given the total craftsmanship of the product, it is possible that small stains may appear over time due to oxidation of the brass. These stains are therefore not defects but a characteristic of the material. Small superficial marks, scratches, creases etc. are caused by the hand-hammering process on the brass, so they are characteristic of the manufacturing process.


BRASS 95 / 96

Dimensions: W: 31 1/2 D: 27 1/2 H: 7

Materials: Brass

Designer: Paola Navone