BRUT table

Lead time: 20-22 weeks

Art as spontaneous expression, which dissolves the constraints of traditional culture. The material as a raw element, worked and shaped to highlight its expressive power. Brut is a table with strong references to Art Brut, spontaneous and informal, and to brutalist architecture both in the volumes, accentuated and massive, and in the materials, concrete and only partially controllable.

Tacchini's first project with designer Roberto Sironi, this table with a cast aluminum top and concrete legs presents itself as a procedural object, where the material takes over and dominates the forms to give life to a piece with a proud and charismatic personality .

Dimensions: W: 51.2" D: 43.3" H:13.4"

Materials: Lightweight concrete base and die-cast aluminum top.

Base options: Gray Cement or White Cement

Designer: Roberto Sironi