Clockwise Rectangular Dining Table

Lead time: 20-22 weeks

Simple and monumental, Clockwise reveals its subtle humor to those who manage to grasp the play of steps that defines the position of the legs and the alternation of their positioning in the corners of the top. Born from the first collaboration between Tacchini and the designer Michael Anastassiades, it is a table with an important presence, which at the same time evokes a sense of lightness in the legs that chase each other almost dancing, rotating around a choreography that suggests the right dance steps to experience it completely. At different rhythms, following the metaphor of a gesture, the movements and activities that take place around the table can thus be told from time to time in an unexpected way, fluid and informal like the environments in which the table itself can be placed.

Dimensions: W: 98.4" D:51.2" H:28.7"

Materials: Available in Verde Mediterraneo marble, Verde Avocado marble with matt finish and in stained Natural ash wood.

Designer: Michael Anastassiades