SKU: "1219"

KIYUMI Wood Side Chair

Lead time: 12-16 weeks
Kiyumi Wood, designed by Tomoya Tabuchi, is the new wood version of Kiyumi. The balance achieved in every single component of the chair reflects the harmony of the original project and guarantees durability and sturdiness in public spaces as well. The power of design that transcends time features prominently in this project, in addition to the sense of warmth and tactile softness of the material used. This new chair features the seat and backrest of the original Kiyumi model, but fixed on to a new frame, redesigned and modified to have new proportions. Based on a pre-existing model, this new product has been reworked into a unique and authentic project that retains its elaborate construction, devoid of any unnecessary elements. 


Materials: Ashwood

Designer: Tomoya Tabuchi