SKU: "DONALD.1040\/PE"

Donald Side Table upholstered in leather

Lead time: 20-22 weeks
The side table Donald has a “trumpet shape” structure and a marble top rests on its upper part. Unlike the other side tables in the same collection, the metal structure is completely covered with sartorially tooled leather with double-stitched seams that enhance the wedge-shaped design of the upholstery. It adapts perfectly to any context, but it is specifically suitable to a sleeping area.

Material: Marble, Leather

Dimensions: Base & Top Width: 15 3/4" H: 21"

Also available in:
>Top Width: 13 3/4" H: 15 1/4"
>Top width: 19 3/4" H: 21 3/4"

Design: Claudio Cappellini