SKU: "23690"

EMMA Sunscreen

Lead time: 12-16 weeks

Elegant, handy and practical, Emma sunscreen is a sunshade with an essential shape, designed to be easily moved and oriented in any direction. The micro-perforated technical PVC fabric that covers it allows you to filter the sun’s rays, letting the air pass.

A complement that easily matches all the Varaschin collections giving a touch of style to the outdoor living area, both in the residential and contract environment.

Dimensions: W 16 7/8 ” - H 60 5/8” - D 33 1/2”

Materials: Aluminum structure grounded on circular base in steel treated with C5M cycle. Sunshade in technical PVC fabric with micro-holes. Weatherproof and sunlight resistant (UV) structure.

Available from January 2022