SKU: "OJUL208"

JULEP Chaise Longue

Lead time: 20-22 weeks

Organic and versatile in shape, the new Julep, by designer Jonas Wagell, is a natural extension, in both practicality and beauty, of the existing range of Julep best sellers. Updated in size, with even more distinct asymmetries, the new model looks like a chaise-longue, paired with an even larger and more enveloping round ottoman. Like the other members of the Julep family, the new chaise-longue has a light structure, thanks to the recessed base that invisibly lifts it off the floor, without sacrificing any of its magnificent elegance and style.

Dimensions: W: 81.88" x D: 47.63" x H: 29.92" Sh: 16.53"

Materials: birch plywood inner structure with differentiated density upholstered polyurethane foam

Designer: Jonas Wagell ( 2018 )