KELLY E Lounge Chair

Lead time: 20-22 weeks

Contours and color. A minimalist celebration of clear, rounded contrasts. Taking inspiration from the artistic vision of Ellsworth Kelly, this is a multi-award-winning collection of seating elements. The irresistibly smart design comes in a collection of chairs, armchairs and a chaise longue with matching ottoman.

Designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune, Kelly celebrates creativity, offering every possibility for customization in the combination of different pieces, expressions of a singular décor statement with countless destinations. With airy visual lightness, the slender metal structure welcomes the different-shaped upholstered seats and backrests.

The collection offers backrests and shells in various proportions, which also lends limitless fun to discovering the many arrangements possible. Combine different finishes and colors for a fashionably contemporary and functional décor.

Dimensions: W: 27.55" x D: 31.49" x H: 31.88" Sh: 15.59"

Materials: painted or chromed tubular metal base with upholstered cold foam.

Designer: Claesson Koivisto Rune ( 2013 )