SKU: "LAGUNA.1100"

Laguna Coffee Table Round 100 dia

Lead time: 20-22 weeks
The name is inspired by the Venice lagoon, a district where the island of Murano was the pioneer in the development of artistic glass making that involved other areas around this timeless lakeside city in the following decades. The liquid glass at very high temperatures is first poured into molds that recreate the cylindrical shape, then over time the glass cools down and the object takes on the desired shape. After being forged, the glass is coloured assuming ever-different and unique shades. These coffee tables are available in a wide range of sizes, to be suitable to the needs of different projects.

Material: Glass, Metal, Artistic glass

Dimensions: Top Width: 39 1/2" H: 13 3/4"

Design: Claudio Cappellini