SKU: "FU330200"

Lampadina Table Lamp

Its name means, literally, “bulb,” and it’s easy to see why with one look at this playful 1972 Achille Castiglioni design. This unique table lamp provides direct and diffused light through a partly sandblasted clear globe. Its base is anodized aluminum and contains the excess power cord. There is an on/off switch on the lamp holder.

Inspiration behind the design: Artist Achille Castiglioni had a knack for offering a new perspective on the most humble of objects. Here, the result feels especially “meta” as he plays with the concept of light through a recreation of a light bulb.

Dimensions: Base: 4.92" Height: 9.44"

Materials: Anodized aluminum base, Clear globe lamp is partially sandblasted to diffuse the light

Environment Indoor - Dry Location

Voltage120 / Weight (lbs) 0.66 lbs

Construction Material: Stainless steel

Designed by: Achille Castiglioni, 1972