SKU: "MERAKI.8240"

Meraki Dining Table 240

Lead time: 20-22 weeks
The table Meraki perfectly blends aesthetics, functionality and technical innovation. The four fibreglass legs join the marble top completing its shape. Designed to adapt to different space needs, Meraki is available also in a round version suitable to many ambiances and styles. The finish of the fiberglass surfaces, obtained through a refined artistic technique performed by hand, adds personality to each table, making every piece unique and unrepeatable.

Dimension: W: 94 1/2" D:45 1/4" H: 28 3/4"
-Also available in: W: 118 1/4" D:51 1/4" H: 28 3/4"

Material: Marble, Fiberglass

Design: Claudio Cappellini