SKU: "MILLER.1090"

Miller Round Coffee Table w/ Artistic glass top

Lead time: 20-22 weeks
For many years, Hessentia  has been glad to cooperate with the Masters of glass art in the Venice area. Miller collection of coffee tables is the perfect result of the ability of these artists, who learnt the ancient Murano working techniques and have handed them down from generation to generation. The glass top was born from the desire to experiment with a completely unconventional product, reinterpreting a millennial tradition in a modern key.
The production difficulties inherent in a casting process aimed at obtaining a large and thick glass top, make this piece a truly unique element. The surface of the table top, smooth to the touch, elegantly contrasts with the ripples of the lower part, painted with a special metallic pigmentation that emphasizes its three-dimensionality. The cylindrical base consists of several thin metal connected to each other.

Materials: Artistic glass, Metal

Dimensions: Top: 35 1/2" H: 11"

Design: Claudio Cappellini