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d.ecodura™ is the indoor wallcovering that redefines the standards of wallpapering, with no compromise between Sustainability, Durability and Beauty.
Eco-Conscious Innovation with BIOVYN™

d.ecodura™ pioneers a sustainable approach by replacing conventional vinyl with BIOVYN™, a game-changing material that boasts an impressive 97.6% lower carbon footprint compared to regular PVC. BIOVYN™ is made 100% using bio-sourced ethylene derived from wood-based residue from the forestry industry.

Performance and Beauty without Compromise

d.ecodura™ matches the same high performance as our traditional wallpaper. Its durability stands firm against scratches, maintaining remarkable washability, often a rarity in eco-products. Plus, it retains the same captivating beauty that defines our previous substrate – all while maintaining the same price level.

A Significant Shift Towards Sustainability

d.ecodura™ isn't just about change; it's about progress. By utilizing BIOVYN™ for the front material, d.ecodura™ proudly achieves almost 50% lower carbon footprint compared to our original wallpaper substrate. Moreover, it's a milestone accomplishment - a vinyl without any virgin fossil-based plastics is present, aligning with our commitment to a greener future.

In order to best meet the various project requirements, d.ecodura™ is available on two different finishes:

d.TW - d.ecodura™ Texture Wallpaper, which retains the unmistakable texture of our traditional substrate with a precious fabric effect.

d.TW - d.ecodura™ Sand Wallpaper, whose smoother surface recalls the fine graininess of sand.

2024 / Lorenzo De Grandis