SKU: "OVOO.5160\/LA"

Ovoo Lacquered Dining Table dia165

Lead time: 20-22 weeks
The Ovoo table tells stories of faraway lands, belonging to the shamanic cult typical of Mongolia. The inspiration of this collection is the concept of “ovoo”: the piles of stones used as reference points at the top of the mountains, were in fact the inspiration for the overlapping of lacquered or ash wooden components combined with other elements in patina brass casting.

Available in 3 sizes: 
145 W x 140 D x 74 H cm (OVOO.5140/LA)
165 W x 160 D x 74 H cm (OVOO.5160/LA)
185 W x 180 D x 74 H cm (OVOO.5180/LA)

Dimensions: W: 65" D: 63" H: 29 1/4"

Materials: Lacquer Artistic metal

Designer: Luca Erba