SKU: "Plumeau"

Plumeau Bed

Lead time: 12-16 weeks

Upholstered knock-down bed. Headboard upholstered with polyurethane foam on curved plywood frame. Removable quilted fabric covers. Adjustable slat supports. Wooden feet covered with fabric. Available with all our fabrics except for 3D, Quilt Malta and Quilt Velour.

Materials: Upholstered knock-down bed. Headboard with polyurethane foam on curved plywood frame. Headboard cover in quilted fabric with possibility of insert in a different fabric. Bed frame and wooden feet covered with the same headboard fabric. Removable covers.

Suitable for the slats PIANO ARMONICO, RETE MN and RETE BA. Adjustable slat supports, space for slat and mattress: 2 - 4 ”, except RETE BA

Designer: Cristina Celestino