SKU: "1TOG180"

TOGRUL Dining Table

Lead time: 20-22 weeks

A totem that transforms any room into a temple of conviviality. With Togrul, designer Gordon Guillaumier goes beyond the limits of matter to create a table suitable for homes and contract spaces alike. Available in different sizes, the bases in rigid polyurethane are finished in clay, made from 100% raw earth and applied by hand by master craftsmen. The marble top is available in a round or oval version with different finishes. Togrul’s sculptural base is the perfect synthesis of energy and solidity.

Price with  dia 180cm / 70.86" Carrara/Pietra Grey Marble Top

Dimensions: L: 94.5" W: 49.2" H: 28.7"


Base leg in rigid polyurethane, finishing with spatulated clay in different colors. Painted iron ballast inside the leg.

Top with a thickness of 20 mm. Stain-resistant treatment for marble available on request for 5/10 pieces to be checked from time to time. Undertop in mdf, 19 mm thick, matt black lacquered.

Designer: Gordon Guillaumier