Lead time: 20-22 weeks

Orbit coffee table and desk are part of Cosmic: Toogood’s collaborative collection with Tacchini. Cosmic is full of irregular, elliptical shapes. Orbit features curving wooden legs upholstered in hide, topped with smooth wooden pebble shapes. The desk and table tops are lacquered, with a rounded hide inlay. The concentric ovals of Orbit are not uniform, characterizing Faye Toogood’s tactile and emotional design process. Orbit is named after the manner in which light wraps around the surface of the tables, following the soft wooden curves. Faced with one of these pieces, you’ll struggle not to run your hands around the tactile edges, tracing your own trajectory that follows the contrasting hide inlay.

Dimensions: W: 55" D: 25.5" H: 29.5"

Materials: Glossy lacquered wooden top with hide insert; Wooden legs covered in hide.

Designer: Faye Toogood