SKU: "WIR-O300"

Wire Elyps Dining Table

Lead time: 12-16 weeks

Suitable for both indoors and outdoors, are lightweight and solid, and are available in versatile finishes with a range of tabletops. A striking detail is that the legs are angled outwards from a central point, giving the entire piece an even lighter look.

Dimensions: 118.11" x 50.39" x 29.52"

Available top sizes: 118.11" x 50.39", 98.42" x 50.39" , 82.67" x 50.39"

Materials: lacquered stainless steel tubing with 13 mm Faux Elyps Ceramic Top

Available finishes:

Base: White, Taupe, Anthracite, Brown, Black, Lino

Top: Beton, Travertino, Black Iron, Emperador, Lava Brown, Marble Marone, Caravaggio, Absolut White, Soft Oak, Charisma Grey

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Design: John Ghekiere