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Arrmet's NEWEST Products Featured At Salone de Mobile

Arrmet's NEWEST Products Featured At Salone de Mobile

Craftsmanship and inspiration intertwined.

Arrmet has once again outdone itself by producing a wide range of furniture options that effortlessly blend contemporary design with utmost comfort. From sleek and minimalistic to bold and vibrant, these items are sure to make a statement in any space. 

Get ready to experience style and comfort on a different level with these pieces:

Strike Relax Sofa

strike relax sofa

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Strike Relax Sofa boasts a sleek and modern design that blends into any living space. Its clean lines, padded sections, and premium upholstery create a harmonious balance between elegance and coziness. 

  • Dimensions: W: 51.2" D: 31.4" H: 43.3" SH: 15.8"
  • Materials: Sofa with chromed or painted steel structure, seat and backrest upholstered with fireproof polyurethane foam. Lumbar pillows included.

Belle Sofa

belle sofa

The Belle Sofa combines classic design elements with a stylish twist, making it the perfect centerpiece for any space. Its graceful silhouette, curved armrests, and customized upholstery showcase the brand's impeccable attention to detail. Every line and curve of this sofa is crafted to perfection, creating an aura of refined luxury. 

  • Dimensions: W: 54.3" D: 26.3" H: 28.7" SH: 16.6"
  • Materials: 4-Legs sofa armchair with steel frame, beech plywood seat and backrest with flame-retardant polyurethane foam, upholstered.

Dopo Collection

dopo collection

Introducing Dopo Collection—a combination of comfort and style. With its wide and ergonomic backrest, this lounge chair promotes relaxation while keeping you connected to your surroundings. The open seat and adjustable headrest allow for versatile positioning. The tubular frame and soft, ample shapes give this collection a unique and distinctive design. Composed of Relax, Bergère, Lounge, and Coffee Table, each piece brings comfort and elegance to different spaces, be it homes or contract settings. Experience extreme comfort and coziness with Relax, while Lounge and Bergère versions add a touch of sophistication to foyers and entertainment halls.

Eau Rouge

eau rouge

Eau Rouge is the epitome of Italian design combining ergonomics, comfort, and personality. This chair embodies streamlined lines and dynamic creativity, perfect for the contract sector. Notably, the welded steel tubular legs, armrests, and backrest feature a woven flat nautical rope, creating a harmonious balance between solid and open spaces.

  • Materials: Painted steel frame, nautical high performance rope woven seat and back.
  • Designer: Meneghello Paolelli

Kiyumi Wood

kiyumi wood

Kiyumi Wood is a stunning creation by Tomoya Tabuchi that takes the beloved Kiyumi chair to new heights. This wood version beautifully balances every component, capturing the original project's harmony while ensuring unmatched durability in public spaces. It is a timeless design that transcends eras, exuding warmth and inviting tactile softness.

With the seat and backrest of the original Kiyumi model, this chair embraces familiarity. However, it is the newly redesigned and proportioned frame that sets it apart. This transformation retains the chair's intricate construction while eliminating any unnecessary elements, resulting in a unique and authentic piece.

A brilliant fusion of international design and Italian style, Arrmet’s pieces are a perfect example of harmony of form and function. They boast a flawless combination of quality materials and impeccable craftsmanship, culminating in a delightful collaboration of skills and creativity. 

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