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Tacchini's New Products Featured At Salone de Mobile

Tacchini's New Products Featured At Salone de Mobile

New choices, better spaces.

With a fusion of experience and devotion, Tacchini is all about creating stories in the form of furniture products that capture emotions, memories, and creativity.

The concept of merging people and ideas into design is still central to their creative process and these new products (which were introduced at Salone del Mobile) reflect the same amazing concept.


Check them out:

Roma Nuvola

roma nuvola

The Roma Nuvola sofa, designed by Jonas Wagell, makes a "classic" piece even more comfortable.

The wide proportions, built-in chaise lounge, and smooth rounded cushion inspire relaxation. Other cushions of various sizes can be freely arranged for a customized daily comfort.

  • Dimensions: W :97.6" D: 56.7" H: 30.3"
  • Materials: Wooden stem, differentiated density polyurethane foam
  • Available in Left & Right Version

Sempronia Chair


Elements that are circular fit together to form a double circle that invokes the signature of the great artist who designed it. Twin legs, formed by the intersection of two cylinders, extend to the backrest, where they are connected by a thin metal ring that combines aesthetics and functionality.

  • Materials: Cold foam with metal insert w/ ash legs fully upholstered
  • Rings: T23, T117, T112, T148
  • Dimensions: L:19.7" D: 20.9" H: 31.5" SH: 18.1"
  • Designer: Tobia Scarpa

Altar Side Table

altar side table

Inspired by pre-Hispanic altars, these low tables are available in a variety of finishes, including ceramic, concrete, and cedar wood. They represent the first collaboration between Tacchini and EWE Studio, a project in which tradition is reflected in design to forge concepts with substance and significance.

  • Dimensions: L:19.7" P: 19.7" H:19.7"
  • Materials: Ceramic (3 colors), concrete (3 colors), and wood (cedar)
  • Designer: EWE Studio

Trono Stools

trono stools

Umberto Bellardi Ricci creates a collection that encourages the interaction between architecture and design by exploring the dialogue between different materials. In Trono Pixel and Trono Pill, two simple geometries, such as the cube and the circle, serve as the support – the throne – for the individual who seats on it.

In a structure that accentuates the contrast between unrefined materials and refined textures and fabrics, the seat's generous contours contrast with the leg's spartan simplicity. A low table completes the set: supported by the same essential leg as the stools, it echoes the contrast in materials in its elegant round marble surface.

  • Dimension: Ø 17.7" H: 22.4"
  • Available in 2 shapes and different heights/sizes: Trono Pixel (Cube) or Trono Pill (Circle)
  • Materials: made with Iron, foam, & fabric

Dialogo Chair

dialogo chair

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Dialogo Chair showcases clean lines and a refined silhouette that effortlessly complements any interior setting. Its contemporary yet timeless design makes it a striking focal point, adding a touch of sophistication to both residential and commercial spaces. 

Dialogo commemorates its 50th anniversary with this re-edition by Tacchini: a tribute to the classic lines that define it and the master who designed them.

  • Materials: Ash wood, polyurethane, fabrics
  • Dimensions: L: 21.3" D: 18.1" H: 31.9" SH: 25.2"
  • Finish options: Walnut stained ash or Anthracite stained ash or walnut
  • Designer: Tobia Scarpa

Torus Ottoman

torus ottoman

Stepping into the prototype factory, Umberto Bellardi Ricci's eyes fixate on an intriguing sight - clusters of ventilation duct elbows, interlaced with crossed ropes. A shape catches his attention, reminiscent of a donut, igniting a surge of inspiration within him.

Ricci ingeniously reimagines the donut-shaped torus as the foundation for these extraordinary poufs, where industrial materials seamlessly harmonize with plush, sophisticated finishes. Each pouf embraces a juxtaposition of raw and refined elements, striking the perfect balance for your space. 

  • Dimensions: Ø 32.7" H: 16.5"
  • Also available in: OTOR60 - Ø 24.8" H: 11.8"
  • Materials: Aluminum, foam, fabrics

Embrace the contemporary vibe your space deserves! Check out Tacchini’s latest products for your next project.