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Discover our New Collaboration with Hessentia

Discover our New Collaboration with Hessentia

Art and living without limits

It’s finally happening -  we have partnered with Hessentia to turn your space into a luxurious sanctuary!

Here are a few pieces to check out:

Gio Sofa

Hessentia Gio Sofa

The Gio boasts sinuous contours and bold lines that exude a robust aesthetic. This sofa has been meticulously crafted to breathe youthful and inviting life into any living space.

Ozzy Ottoman

Hessentia Izzy Ottoman

The Ozzy emerges from a rounded marble block, upheld by three seamlessly sculpted elements. Despite its modest dimensions, this pouf consistently takes center stage in any setting.

Leaf Chair

Hessentia Leaf Chair

The Leaf's curvaceous design evokes the graceful contours of foliage. It is fully clad in embroidered leather or fabric, and a rippling surface envelops the entire structure, giving this armchair its distinctive character.

Joss Coffee Table

Hessentia Joss Coffee Table

The Joss is a sculptural piece that beautifully embodies the harmony of duality. In some instances, marble harmonizes with ash wood components, while in others, lacquered surfaces in vibrant shades blend with brass-casting elements. 

Tita Chair

Hessentia Tita Chair

The Tita showcases clean, essential circular forms and comes in various iterations. This chair exudes an elegant allure, capturing attention with its embracing design. What sets this product apart is its cushioned seat, upheld by three legs featuring beveled edges, one of which is elevated to support the curved backrest.