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Some of Our Gervasoni 1882 Must Haves

Some of Our Gervasoni 1882 Must Haves

Harmony + Variety = Gervasoni

Since 1882, Gervasoni has taken its unique take on our way of living - informal, elegant and contemporary.

Gervasoni has wholeheartedly embraced a distinctive sensibility that reaches its fullest expression through the harmonious fusion of natural elements and the most exquisite creations of human craftsmanship. This approach seamlessly blends the unpredictable variety of the organic and mineral realms with the precision and logic of cutting-edge technological artifacts.

If you want to start your Gervasoni obsession, these items would be perfect for you:

Brass Suspension Lamp

The Brass lamp family, with its striking aesthetics, leverages brass's flexibility to illuminate interiors with warm, golden reflections. The suspension lamps feature a delicate, visually appealing design: a brass disc, subtly curved in the smaller version and more pronounced in the larger one, which in the air, casting light poetically.

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brass suspension lamp

Loll Armchair

The Loll Armchair possesses a distinctive, embracing design with a unique seat-to-backrest proportion. It features a solid wood structure, elastic belt springing with a high rubber component, and a removable cover.

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loll swivel armchair

Moon Round Table

The Moon round table family stands out with its audacious blend of materials. It features a blue ceramic base shaped like an amphora and displays an intentionally irregular texture achieved through a unique hand finish. This base is paired with a circular top available in either cast aluminum or white Carrara marble.

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moon round table