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Living Room Furniture Guide

Living Room Furniture Guide

Living rooms are the heart of the home, more than ever before. In 2021 your living room is most likely where you spent the most time. Community living spaces and at-home living areas see a lot of traction. That being said, it's critical to ensure that it is properly furnished! Whether your living space is large or small furnishing it can sometimes be a challenge because this space serves multiple functions.

So, today, we will give you a guide on how to choose the perfect living room furniture, what to consider, and offer some recommendations!

Let's talk sofas

Sofas are often the largest piece of furniture in the room. This allows for the sofa(s) you choose to serve as your statement piece, setting the mood for the whole room. When choosing a sofa for smaller spaces - think "multi-use" and consider looking at popular daybed styles that work best for your sace.

Lima Sofa

The decorative sensuality of large shapes elegantly poised above slender feet creates an enticing contrast that makes a living and entertaining space. Lima is an inspired collection of sofas, armchairs, and ottomans. The project, created by the Swedish design trio Claesson Koivisto Rune, marries the ergonomic pleasure of a welcoming and incredibly comfortable seat – made even more so by adding a second cushion on the backrest. This piece offers an enjoyable place to unwind or converse – with the gorgeous aesthetic of a piece of furniture intended to add sophistication to any room, public or private.


Five to Nine Daybed

Designed by Studiopepe, Tacchini's Five to Nine daybed is the centerpiece of an imaginary artist's studio, a global, contemporary cradle of inventive creativity. The daybed has a striking personality and is very flexible. It may be upholstered in leather for a minimalist Bauhaus impression, or in mohair velvet for ultimate comfort and enveloping softness. The open-pore painted wood seat structure with twisted legs comes to life after the bolster pillows, armrest and backrest, which are available in two sizes, and circular side table with concrete or metal surfaces in various colors and finishes are placed one by one.

The daybed invites you to relax or wait in style. Its sleek linearity makes it suitable for both household and commercial settings, where it can stand alone or complement other furniture and accessories. A linen-upholstered, lightly padded mattress, placed atop the bolster pillows, converts the seat into a beautiful slumber sanctuary.

Quilt 3-Seater Sofa

In an alliance founded on simplicity, modern meets classic. Quilt, designed by PearsonLloyd, is the creative expression of a style that defies fashions and definitions because it appears to embrace many of them elegantly. The Quilt sofa and armchair system's clean yet voluptuous lines, the rounded softness of the deep seat cushions, and the special vertical stitching on the quilted backrest and armrests all contribute to an air of sophisticated elegance, making it ideal for home decor and international contract settings. The pieces appear to float just above the floor because of the sleek steel base. The rich yet compact design produces a surprising visual lightness. The system is finished with the square Quilt ottoman.

Julep Sofa

The upholstered items in this collection have soft, enveloping forms. Modern, romantic, and feminine, Julep is a nod to the Avant-Garde movement of the 1950s, but with a contemporary twist. With its spacious circular lines, the sofa served as the evolutionary DNA for the entire collection, which included an armchair, a chaise-longue, and an ottoman. This interplay of proportions and shapes eventually gave rise to all of the other variations. The seats, entirely upholstered, appear ample and full, yet their sunken base gives them an air of lightness. The Julep seating options are great for both residential and commercial spaces because of their appealing look, which encourages comfortable comfort and relaxation.

Social Plus Sofa

A reissue of a historic design by Gianfranco Frattini, Sesann is a collection of sofas and armchairs with soft, cozy forms that evoke feelings of warmth and sensuality, thanks to the tubular metal frame, which acts as an architectural structure, enveloping, containing and accentuating the cushions.‎ Sesann commands its space with its bold volumes and elegant, sophisticated design.‎ With a choice of leather or fabric coverings to create striking combinations of colors and textures between the cushions, frame and ash wood feet.‎

Accent Seating

Accent chairs are such a great way to add comfort and extra seating. Selecting the right accent chairs can transform the look of the room!

LIMA Armchair

A collection of sofas and armchairs in a variety of sizes, each with a distinctively sleek shape that comfortably accommodates the body. The large lumbar supporting cushion on the ample seat provides additional comfort. The feet at the base of the frame are elegantly thin, lending a sense of vitality to the coziness. ‎

Babila Comfort Lounge Chair

Babila comfort pays homage to the collection's distinctive lines and details, moving deftly between tradition and innovation. Large upholstered shell in polyurethane foam with elastic belts and solid ash wood legs define this lounge armchair.

Matera Ottoman

Discover new creative scenarios in an imaginative tour of the extraordinary urban ecosystem known as the Sassi di Matera. The stratification of eras here demonstrates the continuity of past and future interactions, natural elements and cultural traces accumulated over time, and bare essentials that are destined to endure while blending with the new contemporary fabric. Tacchini embraces this juncture of past and present by incorporating it into a product – the Matera sectional system designed by Maltese designer Gordon Guillaumier. The Matera family is intended for use in contract settings, where it can be used to create informal seating islands for conversation, waiting, meetings, and work. Completely proportioned upholstered elements are arranged like stones, one on top of the other, and can be used alone or in combination. Tabletop surfaces in wood, marble, or fabric that are equipped with wireless chargers at the points where the seats meet complete the arrangement.


Coffee Tables

There are so many options when it comes to coffee tables, from textures, sizing, and height. Picking out the perfect coffee table can help bring the look of your living spaces together while also offering multiple functions. Depending on the texture and size, some coffee tables can sever as even more seating, desk space, or footrests. No one said you only have to choose one! Multiple coffee tables in one living space have been trending.

Buddy Coffee Table

Buddy low tables are distinguished by their soft lines and clean design, and their friendly and versatile personality can complement the interiors of any environment.

Pastilles Coffee Table

The new project with Studiopepe collaborates with the creative minds of Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto. It follows the success of earlier this year's Milan Fuorisalone event, which featured 'Club Unseen,' a fictitious cocktail bar complete with retro furniture and cool music. Pastilles is a collection of small armchairs, ottomans, and coffee tables with soft, enveloping shapes reminiscent of childhood treats. A modern interpretation of the classic cockpit armchair, with a sinuous shell enclosing the seat and providing exceptional comfort. Complemented by two different-sized tables and an ottoman, these elements combine to form a matched family of shapes that can be used as a system or as individual objects.


Pluto Coffee Table

The Pluto coffee tables, available in two sizes, have a cubist feel to them, thanks to their sculptural shapes and bold details. Made up of a solid wood tabletop with a bullnose edge and three massive concrete legs with varying diameters that provide vertical momentum for the table, its appearance appears to change depending on the viewer's perspective. ‎

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