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Make your walls a canvas of art

It’s time to immerse ourselves in a room full of creativity with the newest addition to our list of outstanding brands - Wall&decò

We are so thrilled to announce that we are partnering with Wall&decò to bring out the best in your space! Born from the artistic vision of photographer and founder, Christian Benini, Wall&decò plays a pivotal role in reshaping the landscape of wall decor. Their unique and innovative philosophy was crystal clear: departing from the conventional wallpaper approach characterized by repetitive patterns and geometries, they introduced large-scale images and macro visuals with a pronounced emphasis on tactile materiality. With each stroke and hue, their wallpapers display artistic prowess, giving every room a unique and timeless look.

Take a peek at their acclaimed pieces:

A Sudden Happiness

Crafted with premium non-woven materials, this extraordinary design encapsulates the essence of pure, unbridled happiness, bringing an effervescent energy to any room.

wall&deco a sudden happiness

Say Something

This exquisite wallpaper transforms your space into a canvas of self-expression and timeless beauty.

wall&deco say something


This intricate design draws inspiration from the enigmatic world of hieroglyphics, bringing a touch of mystique and elegance to the room.

wall&deco geroglifici


This masterpiece brings a harmonious blend of nature-inspired motifs and contemporary sophistication to your walls.

wall&deco yui wallpaper


"Volare" is a visual symphony that evokes the sensation of soaring through the sky. This mesmerizing wallpaper design infuses a room with a sense of adventure, dreaminess, and boundless possibility.

wall&deco volare wallpaper

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