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Weaving a sustainable future with ROLS since 1917

Weaving a sustainable future with ROLS since 1917

It’s time to choose elegance with conscience!

As we work towards an eco-friendly tomorrow, ROLS carpets and rugs are pioneers in making every step a sustainable one. They convey a world where exquisite interior design meets eco-friendliness; where luxury seamlessly aligns with environmental stewardship.

With their meticulous selection of materials and employment of cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices, these rugs are not only designed to reduce carbon footprint but are also weaved to stand the test of time. 

Take a look at some of their acclaimed pieces:

Terra Gobi Rug

The Terra draws inspiration from the captivating hostility of the world's majestic deserts and savannas, where nature's delicate balance prevails. Designed for resilience, Terra is a versatile choice for both high-performance interiors and outdoor applications. 

terra gobi rug

Lyra Rug

The Lyra blends Japanese simplicity with Scandinavian functionality, providing a versatile foundation for creating a beautiful space. Crafted from recycled PET from plastic bottles, these durable rugs endure sun, rain, and humidity while retaining their look and quality, which are ideal for the great outdoors.


lyra outdoor rug